Is ADHD Real?


I didn’t learn until I started researching for that some people believe ADHD isn’t real. Apparently, some parents think ADHD is just bad parenting or a ploy by the pharmaceutical companies.

I think there are a couple of valid concerns about diagnosing ADHD. The first concern is are doctors overmedicating children? Second, what if some of the behavior is normal kid behavior but being diagnosed as ADHD? I do believe that behavior therapies or other routes should be taken before medicating children who have ADHD symptoms.

Do I think ADHD is real? I think the symptoms are real. I think parents who have never had a child display these symptoms are quick to judge, especially the parents who feel it is just due to bad parenting. Labeling behavior or symptoms “ADHD” shouldn’t be considered a bad thing. According to The New York Times,  Dr. Barkley says “we label things all the time in daily life to create concepts and categories of things in the material world, which allows us to begin to identify how some things in one category or label are different from things in another category”.

Recently I received a newsletter from another blog. I am not sure if she believes ADHD exists or not, but her points about behavior are something I wanted to discuss.

Most behaviors are normal responses to stressors in our environment, whether we are children or not. Perhaps many of our cases of ADHD are normal responses to not getting enough exercise, along with other factors of adults trying to 0ver-control (or under-control) the child’s environment, along with a child’s sensory overload.

I think the author brings up good points. It is important to rule out other causes before medicating a child for ADHD. If daily exercise eliminates ADHD symptoms, then I would say the child doesn’t need to be medicated. Obviously in that case the child just needed exercise. However, I don’t think all cases of ADHD are that simple either (and I am not suggesting the blogger is assuming that either).

All children are going to misbehave, have bad days, and respond differently to stressors. Some children are going to be more hyper than others, be more fidgety, more impulsive, etc.

The concern should be whether the child’s behavior is causing a disruption in HIS or HER life. Is it preventing him from doing his studies? Is he suffering at school due to the inattention? Are the problems affecting him or just you, the parent? If the behavior is disrupting the child’s life, then please seek help. Take time to evaluate your child’s behavior and circumstances. Can you pinpoint the cause of the behavior?

What are your thoughts? Do you think ADHD is real?

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